Trudy and Jamie

With the spring season just around the corner, we are looking forward to seeing vibrant, bright and bold colours incorporated into weddings again! Last year, Trudy and Jamie made two bold moves: 1) they chose bright blue as their colour theme and 2) they chose (and choose) each other forever and forever.

Photography: SoWedding

Musicians: Musical Occasions

Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0040 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0047 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0052 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0053 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0064 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0065 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0073 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0086 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0088 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0105 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0112 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0113 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0114 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0115 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0116 Trudy&Jamie-wedding-HL-SD-0117

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