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Wescadia Tasting Event

We had our annual Wescadia Tasting Event for our lovely Cecil Green brides, grooms and family last weekend. We host these events so that couples can get an idea of what their wedding day could look and feel like here at Cecil Green Park House. Answers to questions such as “what do the chairs or tables look like?” or “how does the food taste?” or “how does parking work?” can be found and the real fun planning can begin!

Wescadia blew us all away with novel taste-tantalizing and visually appealing dishes. Credits to the new head chef who was the creative mastermind behind it all! Thanks to him, we now have bacon maple ice cream on the menu. That was a HUGE hit at the event, which comes as no surprise since it’s hard not to love bacon.

Our teams had a great time meeting and chatting with you over food and drink. We cannot wait to see your wedding plans come to life this year.

Major thanks to The Flower Factory for sponsoring all of the flowers and making our venue look absolutely divine. The tall pillars of peach roses and long garlands of deep green eucalyptus brought an air of elegance. Denise Lin Photography, thanks for capturing it all!

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Nicole and Egan

Nicole and Egan’s Paris themed wedding. It definitely had un air d’amour! Soft white and pink colours really set the elegant tone. I especially loved the billowy chuppah. For all you DIY brides out there, you can learn how to make one here.

















Cake: Ganache Patisserie

Ceremony music: Musical Occasions 

Decor: Upright Decor

DJ: Dynamic DJ Service 

Event Planner: Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Florist: Flower Factory

Photographer: Candance Schmidt-Gonzalez

Melissa and Adam

The science enthusiast in me really enjoyed this wedding. Science lab equipment were subtly placed and so well disguised that only a science nerd (such as me) would have noticed.

Beakers and test tubes were used to make some of the prettiest vases that I have ever seen.

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

But I have to say, my favourite decor item were the table numbers. If you look closely, you’ll see that journal articles are encased in the picture frames.

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

Melissa and Adam had one of the most gorgeous weddings that I have ever seen. This says a lot since I have seen a lot of cakes in my 20 years of life.

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

I appreciated that the bride and groom didn’t overdo the science element by keeping it to small details such as vases and frames. The rest of the wedding decor was sophisticated, yet bold and vivacious.

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

melissa and adam

Vendors and Suppliers

Cake: Natty Cakes

Decor: Devine Decor

DJ: Tall Music

Photographer: Lucida Photography

Please note that the photos seen here are taken from Cecil Green Park House Staff, not the photographers hired by the wedding

Photobooth rental: Expressions Photobooth