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Kara and Kevin

Kara and Kevin radiated with love and happiness on their wedding day. Just look at those smiles! I think it’s safe to say that this was one of the best days of their lives!


Photographer: Christie Graham Photography

Wedding Planner: Dream Group Productions

Florist: Celsia Floral

DJ: Siegal Entertainment

Wedding cake: Butter Baked Goods

Chair covers: Cover Your Chair Events

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Shayna and Dario

What an unforgettable wedding, thank you for sharing your momentous day with us, Shayna and Dario!

This couple rolled in with style in two classic and shiny vintage cars for their grand entrance. Paired with Cecil Green Park House as the backdrop and setting, one could easily be convinced that they time traveled back to the past!

Hats off to A Day to Remember Events for executing such a detailed and amazing wedding. Photo credit belongs to Kim James Photography, who captured all these beautiful moments.

Bagpiper: Myle Wilcott | myleswilcott@gmail.com
Cake: Harmony Cakes | jennifer@harmonycakes.ca
Catering: Wescadia 
Decor: A Day to Remember Events
DJ: A Day to Remember Events 
Florist: Garden Party Flowers
Hair/MUA: Mink Hair and Makeup
Officiant: Terrence O’Shea |6zero4@gmail.com

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Lora and Tim

With all the sunshine that we’ve been receiving this week, we’ve been reminiscing about summer weddings. But summer will be here again before we know it, wedding season 2015 is already upon us! Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to look back on Lora and Tim’s wedding from last year.

Lora and Tim were (and are!) such a fun couple.  Their love for each other is simply beautiful and they sure know how to make each other laugh! Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

All photos by Kirill Bordon, who was second shooting with Melissa Gidney .

Decor and Flowers by Devine Decor

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Maggie & Brian

It’s not Thursday yet, but let’s do a throwback to last summer and take a glimpse into Maggie & Brian’s outdoor wedding that happened on the terrace right here at Cecil Green Park House. Their wedding was beautifully decorated with vintage pieces and highlighted with warm yellow and pale blue accents.

All photos below belong to one of Vancouver’s most creative wedding photographers and story-tellers, Tomasz Wagner. Scroll down to see more – including action shots of the groom completing Asian door games to get to his bride!

Caterer: Wescadia Catering 
Decor Setup — Smitten Events
Floral — Celsia Floral
Stationery — Design by Dainty
Dessert — Cake by The Cake & The Giraffe
Photographer: Tomasz Wagner 

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Parisa and Roland

Parisa and Roland had a sunny May wedding here at Cecil Green. The place was decorated in coordinating shades of coral, pink and peach – a classic and popular colour palette!

For all you brides-to-be who are planning with us, here are some numbers to put these pictures  into perspective.

The Yorkeen room (pictured right below) sat 80 guests, while another 40 guests sat in the next room for a total of 120 guest seatings.



Ceremony facing the house (south)


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Cake and Sweets: Valley Bakery

Decorator: Sweet Dreams Design

DJ: Snow Leopard Productions

Florist: Tala Florist

Photographer: Melissa Gidney Photography

Wedding Planner: Filosophi