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UBC Wedding Industry Venue and Tasting Tour

This summer Sage, the Rose Garden, and Cecil Green Park House invited Vancouver Wedding Industry guests to the UBC campus for a tasting and venue tour. The event showcased creative fresh menus, diverse new venues options, and spectacular views at sunset.

Thank you to the following vendors for adding your services to our amazing event.

Décor by: Candice Jones, A Day to Remember Events

Floral at Cecil Green Park House By: Flower Factory

Floral at Sage Bistro by: Evvie and Olive

Musical Entertainment by: Musical Occasions

Catering and service by: UBC Food Services and Wescadia Catering

Rentals by: Pedersens Event Rentals

Stationary by: Bean Cards & Stationary

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Trudy and Jamie

With the spring season just around the corner, we are looking forward to seeing vibrant, bright and bold colours incorporated into weddings again! Last year, Trudy and Jamie made two bold moves: 1) they chose bright blue as their colour theme and 2) they chose (and choose) each other forever and forever.

Photography: SoWedding

Musicians: Musical Occasions

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Fiona & Wayne

When Wayne made the tough (and some of his friends would say even crazy) decision to move to Macau for his career, he knew it wouldn’t be permanent and that he would come back to Vancouver someday. But that all changed when he met Fiona. She is the only reason he needs to stay in Macau. Fast forward a couple years and here they are now on their wedding day.

Photographer: Van Weddings

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Sangeet Wedding

Tis the season of giving and today we give to you: wedding inspiration! Take a look back on chasing the summer sunset with the Sangeet wedding.

Decor: Soiree Lounge

Photographers: Jelger and Tanja

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