Deliveries of all items must occur within the booking time you have for the day. Daytime bookings can have deliveries starting at 9:30am, evening bookings can have deliveries starting at 4pm. All items must be taken away at the end of the day or evening of your event.

Loading Bay

There is a loading bay at the East side of the House. Rentals and equipment may be delivered here or directly to the front entrance of the House on the day of your event. Vehicles left unattended are subject to ticketing.

Setup Time

Event bookings may access the building either at 9:30am for daytime bookings or 4pm for evening bookings.

Teardown & Removal of Materials

Teardown must begin immediately after the event. All items must be removed from the premises the night of the event. For daytime bookings, guests must depart by 3pm and vendors must depart by 3:30pm. For evening bookings, guests must depart by 1am (12am on Sundays) and vendors must depart by 1:30am (12:30am on Sundays).

No trucks with lifts or backwards beeping is permitted after 10pm. Pick-ups of heavy rentals, large items or furniture must occur before 10pm or the following morning between 8am-9am. Please consult your venue specialist on items being picked up after 10pm for approval.

You are responsible for the removal and disposal of any and all decorations, displays, signage, boxes, furniture, equipment, supplies, rentals, and any other materials or property you bring into the venue for your event. Cleanup and overtime charges will apply in the event of unsatisfactory removal and disposal of materials; see contract for more details.

Personal Items

Cecil Green Park House will not be held responsible for lost or damaged personal items. If you require special arrangements, please discuss with your venue coordinator prior to your event. All items must leave the venue at the end of your event.