MC – Housekeeping Notes

We ask all event bookings to have their MC cover the following items at the beginning of your event:

  • Washrooms are down the hallway by the entrance of the House, past coat racks.
  • Smoking is permitted on the North side of the Ashtrays are located at the benches of the lower level path.
  • Cecil Green property ends on the East side by the large cream and white building, adjacent to the loading bay. Please do not venture past that building, the other side is Green College, this is is a private UBC student residence.
  • The second floor of the House is off limits to all guests.
  • Please respect our residential neighbours as you leave in the evening a security guard will ask that you follow the pathway to the west of the house.
  • Ask your Taxi to pick you up on the West side of the parking
  • Please avoid spending time in front of the House.
  • Please do not drink and drive.

Have a wonderful evening & thank-you for celebrating with us!!