Floor Plans

Please see this link for an overview of the venue floor plans.

Your coordinator will work with you to draft a final floor plan based on your guest count, personal preferences and service requirements. To ensure that everything is set out correctly please communicate with your catering coordinator about the placement of all items.


Available Items

The venue provides a variety of additional equipment included in your rental fee, such as:

  • (4) 5’ x 2.5’ tables
  • (10) 6’ x 2.5’ tables
  • (15) 8’ x 2.5’ tables
  • (20) 48” round tables
  • (8) 30” round x 42” high cocktail tables
  • (3) 30” round x 30” low cake tables
  • (200) White folding resin chairs (outdoor only)
  • (140) Banquet chairs (indoor only)
  • (2) Highchairs
  • (3) Booster seats
  • (1) Podium
  • (3) Easels
  • (2) Umbrella stands
  • (1) 10’ x 10’ White popup tent

See below for images of the above equipment.

Rental Items

The venue has the following items available to rent:

(1) Projector – $100

  • Projector screen – $100
  • Portable Bose Bluetooth Speaker, includes 2x microphones
    • For client use only (speeches, playlists, slideshows, ), bands+ DJs must provide their own audio equipment
    • Additional Speaker is available for $125

Please ensure to arrange for these items prior to the event date by including them on the floor plan and/or event form.

Décor, Signage & Displays

Any décor, signage or displays must have prior approval from your venue coordinator and listed in detail on your event form. Décor or signage must be easily removable without causing potential damage. You may not nail, tack, tape or affix items (including signage) to walls or windows.

Please note that you are responsible for removing all décor, signage and displays at the conclusion of your event. In the unfortunate event of any damage from installation or removal, repair charges will be billed to you.

Hardwood floors

To preserve the venue’s hardwood flooring, no tape is permitted other than Gaffer tape to adhere any A/V equipment.


Balloons are permitted inside our venue. If a helium balloon is released and must be retrieved using a crane, a minimum $200 retrieval fee will be charged.


Candles are permitted as long as they are in votive containers (containers must contain flame and wax) and on tables only. No tapered candles. No candles are permitted on mantles, floors or window ledges.

Flower petals

Flower petals are permitted outside only. It is your responsibility to clean up flower petals at the end of your booking. Failure to clean up flower petals will result in a $300 cleaning fee.


No fireworks or sparklers may be used anywhere in our venue or outside on our property.

Rice, Glitter & Confetti

No rice, glitter or confetti is permitted in our venue or outside on our property.


Pets are permitted at our venue outside on our lawn and terrace. They are not permitted indoors during food service. They must be minded at all times. Any cleanup is the responsibility of the owner.